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Sport Registration and Fees Registration Cancellation & Refund Policy Scholarship


All HYAA sport registration fees include a field/facility use fee paid to the Town of Hanover for the maintenance and upkeep of all the sport fields and buildings that HYAA regularly uses.

All Registrations are done online and tracked electronically and processed securely.

You can register online at any time during the registration period. Typically a registration period runs for 4 weeks. A base rate is charged for the first 3 weeks then an additional late registration fee of $35.00 is added during the last 7-10 days of the registration period.

 Registering online ensures fast and accurate processing of information and payment tracking. All fees must be paid at the time of registration or the system will delete them.

Timely registration allows Commissioners to properly plan for the season. Uniform ordering deadlines can be 2 months before the start of the season so please make every effort to register early and on time. 

In Town Fees as of 1/1/2019

Fees are subject to change

  • Fall/Spring Soccer $70 - 100 (varies by age)
  • Basketball $100
  • Cheerleading $125
  • Baseball - $85 - $140 (by level)
  • Softball $100-$125 (varies by age)
  • Wrestling $85 - $125 (varies by age)
  • Football $140

Travel Sports' Fees vary by Sport and will be communicated to those players participating. These are generally higher than In Town fees as they include league fees, travel uniforms and other costs associated with travel play.


To cancel an HYAA sport registration and obtain a credit, please follow the instructions below.

Sport cancellation & refund credit requests must be emailed to HYAA at refunds@hyaa.net.


Notifying your coach is a courtesy but will not result in a refund. Please see our refund policy below and be sure to email in a timely manner.


If you do not receive an email response from HYAA within 5 business days, please re-submit your email to ensure that it was properly sent and received. All of our HYAA board members are volunteers and we do work hard to respond to all requests promptly. Occasionally, there may be a longer waiting period to process your refund credit, but we endeavor to do so promptly.


Credit/Refund Policy

For a full refund, cancellations and refund requests should be made as soon as possible and before the first practice/game.

A 50% refund credit will be issued after practice starts and prior to the first game, no refunds will be given after the first game is played.

Refunds due to injury should be requested as soon as possible and the amount will be determined on a case by case basis.

Refunds may be issued to your HYAA Account as a credit which can be used toward a future registration for any family member. When possible refunds will be made directly to the credit card used for payment.

Credit Card and check refunds will incur up to a $10.00 processing fee to cover fees HYAA pays to the credit card companies.


All refund credit requests are subject to the return of uniform/equipment where applicable and to proof of registration and payment.



Forget if you registered for a sport?

You may check your balance and registration information at any time by logging into your HYAA account. Log in can be done under the HOME tab or in the top right hand corner of the page.




Sport Registration Fee Scholarship
HYAA may grant registration fee scholarships to children who without this financial assistance would not be able to participate in HYAA programs. Scholarships are available for HYAA members who may need assistance with fees due to job loss, illness or other personal circumstances.
Scholarships are offered on a case by case basis, one season/sport at a time.
 Scholarship receipt is strictly confidential. HYAA is a town organization which provides sporting opportunities for all residents of Hanover. Every child deserves the opportunity to participate in HYAA sports. Registration Scholarships are only available for In Town programs and do not cover any additional costs associated with each sport. Equipment fees, uniforms, tournaments etc are not covered by Scholarship. Additionally, Travel Sports are not eligible for Registration Scholarship.
To inquire if a scholarship is available for your child's registration please contact refunds@hyaa.net.
Graduating Seniors
College Scholarships
HYAA offers several scholarships to college bound seniors who are residents of Hanover and have participated in HYAA programs. Historically on an anual basis, HYAA has awarded over $10,000 to college bound high school seniors!  These scholarships are awarded based on a combination of several factors including student's volunteerism and participation with HYAA, parent's volunteerism and membership with HYAA and financial need.

Scholarship applications are due Friday May 7, 2021.  All deadlines will be announced to students in the Hanover High School scholarship booklet.  You may download a scholarship application from the documents section of this website:

Please be assured that student information is kept strictly confidential, and that all information is coded for privacy. 

Please contact Mike Farrell at mifarr@mac.com if you have any questions about the application or due date.