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In Town Basketball Schedules Registration/Fees
In Town Basketball
Our basketball program is designed for boys and girls in grades K-8 during the winter season. Games are played on Saturdays from early December through February and we have one skills session for each age group, each week. Teams are single gender and grouped together by grade per below.
  • Grades K/1
  • Grade 2
  • Grade 3
  • Grades 4
  • Grade 5/6
  • Grades 7/8
Shirts are provided by HYAA. Participants must wear sneakers and shorts.

Basketball Board of Directors
Matt Straut - Co-Commissioner - mattstraut@yahoo.com
Mike Vincent - Co-Commissioner - mikevincent50@gmail.com
Nicole Smith - ntsammy99@aol.com
Joel Barrett - jbarrett@hanoverschools.org
Marshall Jones - mjones@sullymac.com
General information inquiries may be sent to info@hyaa.net
Team information, games and practice schedules will be available after registration is complete. You will be notified by your coach of your team roster and game schedule generally the week after Thanksgiving.
Games for all age groups will be held on Saturdays at one of our local school gyms. Weekly skills sessions will be held for upper age groups. Times TBA.

Travel Basketball
Travel Basketball is an additional program for boys and girls in Grade 4-8. All players who wish to play on a Travel team must also play on an In-Town team. Tryouts will be held for each gender/age group. There will be cuts made for these teams so please be sure to explain that to your child beforehand. Players who make a Travel team will practice 1-2x per week (in addition to Town Skills Night) and have 1-2 games per weekend. Some games will be home and some will be away. There are additional fees incurred for uniforms and league participation. Players on Travel Teams should expect to pay betweeen $200 - $350 to participate on a team. If teams decide to participate in Tournaments there will be additional entry fees for that as well.

Registration for Winter Basketball will run from during the month of September. Late fees will be added at the end of the registration period. We encourage you to register early and on time to avoid late fees and to assist us with season planning. Early registration enables us to purchase uniforms and equipment in a timely manner and avoids additional costs for our program.


Tryouts for Travel Basketball for players in Grades 4 and up will be held in early October. You must be registered for In Town Basketball to be eligible for Travel Basketball Tryouts. If you are planning to try out for Travel Basketball please indicate this in the appropriate section of the in-town registration


Issues with registration should be addressed to info@hyaa.net

HYAA asks for your cooperation in respecting its eligibility rules (birthdates, grade level). Administrators and coaches make an earnest attempt to create balanced teams within each division and to provide equal opportunities to win and lose. We strongly encourage parents to register children online at: www.hyaa.net, it helps streamline the process and all of your information will be securely stored and accessed for future registrations. You will also receive HYAA's monthly eblast updates on HYAA events. If you register your child during late registration or after registration closes, you will be subject to a $25 late fee and subject to space availability. Parents are encouraged to participate in a positive manor and support their child while not disparaging other children. HYAA-It's More Fun When You Play!