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HYAA offers baseball programs for six age groups in K-8 during the in town spring season. Teams from Hanover play against each other in the same age group. 


Program levels are organized by AGE using BIRTH DATES established by Little League.  Exceptions only due to medical or safety reasons.  Also, at the Rookie 2 Level some players may have to choose between 2 age groups. Details in the Rookie 2 Section below.


Please find the Little League Age Chart on this site to determine which program your son or daughter is eligible for. 


In town baseball spring baseball is for kids of all skill levels to learn the game and have fun.   We ask our parents and coaches to provide a positive and safe environment for ALL kids to learn.  HYAA encourages coaches to allow for kids to play multiple positions during the season and to keep playing time fair.  


Programs typically begin the Monday after April vacation to mid June.





A Uniform sizing night will be announced soon for all players for shirt sizing. Players should have their own cleats, socks and baseball pants.



Program levels are organized by BIRTH DATES established by Little League and Babe Ruth Rules. 


TEE-BALL   5-6 Year Olds

Tee Ball is open to Kindergarten kids in the 5-6 year old age group.  Older PreK players who  have turned 5 by December 31st of the prior year are eligible to participate.  There are no exceptions. At this level, teams play in a supervised, non-competitive environment. Commitment is 1-2 days/week with practice prior to the game.


ROOKIE 1 – 7 Year Olds , Mostly 1st Grade

At this level, parents pitch and catch behind the plate. ALL kids play the field and rotate positions. The focus is on basic fielding and batting. A tee can be used if necessary.  Commitment is 1-2 games per week and practices may be held by the coaches.


ROOKIE 2 – 8 Year Olds, Mostly 2nd Grade

At this level to kids begin pitching and catching.   Coaches pitch for the first half of the season. This is a developmental league transitioning to real baseball!

Commitment is 1-2 games per week and coaches may hold practices.


PLEASE NOTE:  Players turning 9 after May 1st and before August 31 are eligible to play EITHER Rookie 2 or Minors.  Little League uses a August 31 birthdate cutoff while the 8 year old Friendship League uses May 1st.  Therefore,  kids turning 9 between these dates are eligible for either league, parents may choose and please ask age group director for guidance if needed.   After Rookie 2 our age groups are strictly organized by AGE NOT GRADE.     


MINORS – 9 and 10 Year Olds

Mostly 3-4th Grade

The style of play is "real baseball" where competitive play is introduced.   An umpire officiates and balls & strikes are called. Coaches are asked to rotate players to the various positions. Pitchers and catchers must perform their duties safely.  Practices may be held and teams play a 12 game schedule and playoffs.


MAJORS  -  11 and 12 Year Olds

Mostly 5-6th Grade

Essentially full baseball rules apply at this level , though coaches are still asked to rotate players. Pitchers are allowed to pitch 4 innings/game and 6 innings/week. The commitment is 12 regular season games and playoffs.  Coaches may hold practices at their discretion.  Games are played at Forge Pond Park. Some 4th graders will have to play up at this level depending on their birthdate. 


BABE RUTH – 13-15 Year Olds

Mostly 7th-9th grade

At this level,  games are played on a full sized diamond.   The commitment is 10-12 games and coaches will hold practices at their discretion.  Games are played at B. Everett Hall, the Middle School and several Norwell fields.  The last few seasons we have played games against Norwell Babe Ruth teams as well as Hanover.Some 6th graders will have to play up at this level depending on their birthdate. 


More information on the format of each of these age groups can be found on the Leagues and Age Groups tab

Baseball Commissioners  

  Michael Walpole


David Reinhart 





Tee Ball

Sean Niland - seaniland@yahoo.com


Rookie 1 (1st Grade)

Sean Niland seaniland@yahoo.com

Rookie 2 (2nd Grade)

Shana Gleason - shanagleason3@gmail.com

Minors (3rd and 4th Grade)

David Reinhart dreinhart8484@yahoo.com

Ryan Dougherty ryan.m.dougherty@gmail.com 


Majors (5th and 6th Grade)

Brian Heckathorn bheckathorn@hanger.com

Bob Edgar robert.edgar@securian.com


Babe Ruth (7th – 9th Grade)

Chris Poznauskis   chris_poznauskis@hyaa.net

Andy Dunne  andrew.dunne@brightview.com

Derek Desharnais ddesharnais12@gmail.com

Brian Fish  brian.fish.1@amfam.com



Registration will open mid February. The registration period will run for 2 weeks at base rates. A 3rd week will be added with an additional late fee of $35.00. Early and on time registration helps us to plan for the season, order uniforms, recuirt coaches etc. Please help us by registering early.

HYAA asks for your cooperation in respecting its eligibility rules (birthdates, grade level). Administrators and coaches make an earnest attempt to create balanced teams within each division and to provide equal opportunities to win and lose. We strongly encourage parents to register children online at: www.hyaa.net, it helps streamline the process and all of your information will be securely stored and accessed for future registrations. You will also receive HYAA's monthly eblast updates on HYAA events. If you register your child during late registration or after registration closes, you will be subject to a $35 late fee and subject to space availability. Parents are encouraged to participate in a positive manor and support their child while not disparaging other children. HYAA-It's More Fun When You Play!