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If a student athlete is placed in quarantine by school/health officials participation in HYAA basketball will be suspended until the student athlete is allowed back into school.  This includes both games and practices held at Hanover schools or a private facility (ie. The U ).  HYAA Basketball is not informed of who is in quarantine.  We are asking for parent cooperation in self-reporting to your individual coach to ensure adherence to this policy.  


HYAA Basketball is following Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA) guidance with respect to masks for basketball.  Currently, masks are mandated for participation. We have been masked in schools thus far this season.  Effective immediately, masks are required for games and practices at a private facility (ie Hanover U),regardless of the policy at that facility, which is also consistent with the MIAA guidance.


If MIAA reverses the mask mandate later this season, we will reassess after consulting with the various travel leagues, school, and health officials. 


If your son or daughter does not have a mask when they arrive, please expect a call to bring one to the facility. 


This policy applies to our in-town and travel programs.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation managing these challenging times.