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Cheer Parents must park in the main parking area at HHS in front of the school. 


Cheer families and participants must be flexible and move around to other open space if/when there are High School Athletic events going on


Upon exiting a parent’s car, cheerleaders must be wearing a mask and keep the mask on until directed to their designated socially distanced area for warmup.


Parents are strongly encouraged to provide their own transportation. 


Coaches should ensure cheerleaders arrive dressed for skills (with a mask) and leave immediately after the session.  No loitering or hanging around at the field after your session.


Players and parents must leave the field and parking lot immediately following the conclusion of the session. 

Everyone in attendance must wear masks. This includes all spectators, coaches, officials, and participants. Cheerleaders may remove mask once they are positioned 6 feet from other participants. As long as they remain in their designated spot they may be mask free. 


Spectators must practice social distancing of at least 6ft, and wear a mask at all times. If you do not, or cannot, wear a mask you will be asked politely to remove yourself from the premises. No exceptions.


No team water or food/beverage allowed.  Cheerleaders are required to bring their own water which must remain inside their bag.  There is no sharing of water or water bottles. 


Access to equipment storage, moving of equipment, and putting equipment away will be limited to coaches only. 


When the session has concluded, and prior to the player returning to their parents’ car, player must use hand sanitizer.  


When leaving the field and/or the participants designated spot for pickup, player must have a mask on.  

Cheerleaders who arrive without a mask will not be allowed to participate and will be sent home.  Coaches might have available disposable masks – 1st time offenders get a mask to participate, after that, the participant goes home or waits for a parent to return with a mask. 


Parent Responsibilities - Coaches Must Follow and Communicate to the Parents and Players the Following:

•    The OCYFL will follow the school based guidelines for Covid. If your child is out of school due to Covid symptoms, then they should not attend practice until they are cleared to return to school.

•    If your child is exhibiting Covid like symptoms, please do not come to practice or games and notify your coach immediately.

•    If your child is exposed to someone with Covid symptoms, you must notify the coach immediately.

•    Please reinforce with your child the importance of using hand sanitizer, maintaining social distancing and mask wearing while at practice and games.

•    Gloves for participants are highly recommended and may become mandatory.

•    Please be prompt during drop off and pickup, to avoid players congregating unnecessarily.

•    All spectators are required to wear masks at all times, and maintain social distancing of at least 6ft between non family members.

•    Our goal is for everyone to be vigilant and follow the guidelines so that we have a healthy and fun season!