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Soccer Coach CORI Process & Required Training

Fall 2021/Spring 2022

August 2021

Hanover Youth Soccer coaches and all adult volunteers need to submit for CORI clearance and also take new trainings this season. There is a whole new system this year and there are new courses each adult needs to complete. Hanover Youth Soccer is governed by Mass Youth Soccer who also holds liability insurance for all our coaches. Mass Youth Soccer in adherence to new federal guidelines has partnered with US Soccer Connect for our Adult registration systems. If you participate with Hanover Youth Soccer and are 18 years or older you need to complete this program. Completion and CORI clearance will enable us to produce your coaching credential – your annual Coach Lanyard. Coaches and Adults are not allowed to work with HYAA teams and kids without full completion of this program – and Coaches are expected to have and wear their Coach Lanyard at all practices and games.

Soccer Coach Registration Part 1

Coaches all need to start – HERE

Coaches/Adults will establish an account, upload a headshot photo, sign waivers, and then submit for CORI clearance. Additionally there is training courseware / certifications required for two new programs for Soccer coaches – CDC Heads Up concussion training and US Center for SafeSport Abuse prevention training.

Coach directions are summarized here in this PDF document –

Mass Youth Soccer CORI Process – 2021


Soccer Coach Registration Part 2

We also request that Soccer Coaches REGISTER with HYAA on the HYAA website. Please read and sign the HYAA Code of Conduct which all HYAA Coaches are asked to follow. You will be asked to submit a 2nd CORI for HYAA however this CORI will cover you for 2 years any other HYAA sports you may choose to volunteers for and submission only takes a few minutes.

To complete your HYAA Coach Registration and CORI Click HERE.


During registration you will be directed to NCSI to submit your CORI please be sure to RETURN to the HYAA site after completing that process to finish your registration and ensure everything is properly linked.


FAQ- Yes you need to submit a CORI with MA Youth Soccer, even if you are CORI'd with HYAA, Hanover Lax, the school system, your work, Hanover Hockey, are a police officer, etc. There are no central databases and all organizations maintain their own CORI listing. Your MA Youth Soccer CORI through Stack Sports is good for 3 years. A reminder will be sent when your are going to expire. Keeping your CORI current helps you stay registered with HYAA Soccer and can expedite our preseason prep for coaches. 


For questions please contact Soccer Registrar Jill Egan at soccer.hyaa@gmail.com