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All HYAA Coaches and volunteers must be Registered in the HYAA Coach Database. By registering, volunteers will sign our Coach Code of Conduct and be on record as an HYAA Coach so they are covered under our insurance policy.


Coach registration and CORI checks are good for 2 years.


Registration may be completed by clicking REGISTER NOW from our Home page or by following this link. Select the 2022 HYAA Coach Database. You will receive a confirmation email shortly after registering that will include a link to submit your CORI. The link is displayed below if you are already registered in the current year Coaches Database. Please note both registration and CORI submission must be completed to be eligible to coach.


This CORI applies to coaches who volunteer with all HYAA programs including Football, Flag Football, Cheerleading, Wrestling, Basketball, Soccer, Field Hockey, Baseball and Softball. HYAA Soccer Coaches must also Register and Submit a CORI through MA Youth Soccer as the insurance for our Soccer program is carried by MYS. Please see the Soccer Coaches section of this page for complete details.


Also, please note that even if you have submitted a CORI with another organization/club/school or employer you must submit with HYAA as there is no central database for CORI records.


If you would like to check your CORI status simply log into your HYAA Account and click the PERSONAL tab. Your background status will be listed along with the expiration date.