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Volunteer/Coach Code of Conduct

Hanover Youth Athletic Association (“HYAA”) is a private association operated by a volunteer Board of Directors and dozens of volunteer coaches and parents.  Our mission is to promote and support recreational and competitive athletic teams, enhance and improve players’ skills, and foster a positive environment of sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage, reverence, and teamwork.


HYAA requires that the following Code of Conduct apply to all Volunteers.  “Volunteers” shall include coaches, assistant coaches, and any person who is acting on behalf of the HYAA at games or practices.   Volunteers in HYAA shall in all instances related thereunto be guided by the core values of Integrity, Respect, Good Sportsmanship, Safety, Fun, Education and Fair Play.   All volunteers are required to exhibit behavior that adheres to these core values at all times and in any activity or situation relating to HYAA.   


The HYAA Board of Directors has adopted a “Zero Tolerance Policy” regarding any violations of its Code of Conduct.  All players (opposing or your own), coaches, fans, and referees shall be treated with respect at all times.  By signing this document, all volunteers agree to abide by this Code of Conduct and its policy of respect and good sportsmanship.   Violations of the Code of Conduct shall include but not be limited to:

Profanity, intimidating tactics or inappropriate language;

Taunting, hazing or any other degrading activity;

Arguing or showing disrespect to referees, umpires, league officials, volunteers or coaches;

Kicking or slamming of equipment;

Disregard for league policies relating to playing time; and

Physical violence or any form of threatening or violent behavior.  

Any violation of the Code of Conduct shall be subject to review by the HYAA Board and may result in disciplinary action including suspension or expulsion of the Volunteer.  


In addition, behavior listed below will result in immediate termination of my privilege to coach or volunteer with HYAA.

•    I will never coach under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
•    I will never initiate or participate in any form of verbal or physical assault on any staff, volunteer, parent or child.
•    I will never use social media (including email) to disparage another coach, team, player, parent/ guardian or member of the HYAA organization.

All Registered coaches hereby acknowledge that they have received and read the Hanover Youth Athletic Association Code of Conduct and agree to abide by it.